Final Year Project (IT6104)

Effective 2012/2013

Students can find the past projects titles in This will help you to select a suitable project.

Please note that you must submit your Project Proposal on or before 21st January 2013 to the VLE. No hard copy submission to External Degree Centre (EDC) is required.

Project Proposal Form (You may upload the word document from the VLE).

The required registration fees (Rs.1500) for the project must be paid on or before 21st January 2013. Only those who have submitted the Project Proposal and paid the fees will be called for the project evaluation.

Those who follow this course are advised to log on to the BIT VLE to get more details and to submit the project proposal.

Students must make arrangement to submit the duly filled Supervisor agreement Form to the EDC on or before 1st February 2013.