Updated GPA & Comment for the Year 2 in 2016

GPA & COMMENT FOR THE YEAR 2 – SEMESTER 3 & SEMESTER 4 OF THE EXAMINATION IN 2016 Special notice for the candidates who sat for IT3404 and IT4404 papers in Year 2 Examinations in 2016. This is to bring to your notice that results of the IT3404 (Business Management) and IT4404 (Fundamentals of Multimedia) […]

IT6105 – Revised Final Year Project Schedule for 2017

Deadline (on or before) Description 28th April, 2017 Registration for project & project evaluation  (Pay Rs. 6,000 at the EDC on or before 28th of April, 2017) 20th May, 2017   Submission of the scanned version (PDF) of signed Supervisor Agreement Form and Client Agreement Form to the VLE 24th May 2017 Submission of the […]