IT6105: Final Year Project 2018 Results

UCSC has published the status of the BIT final year project evaluation 2018 in the Results Section of the BIT website. Students can check the status of his/her project evaluation by login into ( If you are not success in 2018 and if you are supposed to attempt the project again in 2019, you have […]

BIT – NEW REGISTRATIONS for 2019 (INTERVIEWS – on 12th January)

23rd NOVEMBER 2018,  FRIDAY         – Student List 27th NOVEMBER 2018,  TUESDAY       – Student List 30th NOVEMBER 2018,  FRIDAY         – Student  List 04th DECEMBER 2018,  TUESDAY       – Student List 12th DECEMBER 2018,  WEDNESDAY – Student List 29th DECEMBER 2018,  THURSDAY    – Student List 08th JANUARY 2019, TUESDAY          […]


1. Online assignments of all year 1 and year 2 courses (Semester 1, 2, 3 and 4) Please note that the “online assignments” of each course in the VLE will be marked differently from 2018 onwards. According to the new criteria, you will have to obtain at least 40% from each assignment in a GPA […]