UCSC has published the status of the BIT final year project evaluation 2018 in the Results Section of the BIT website. Students can check the status of his/her project evaluation by login into (http://www.bit.lk/index.php/results/).

If you are not success in 2018 and if you are supposed to attempt the project again in 2019, you have to first register for the year 3, and then for the project by paying relevant registration fees. Registration opening date and the deadline will be announced soon with the other 3rd year courses.

Students who have attempted the same project twice before (by facing viva) MUST do a new project (different from their already evaluated project) in order to complete the project module. Please note that you will be disqualified to continue the project even after the registration, if we found that your project is the continuation of the same project, which you have already attempted twice before. Students who have attempted one topic only one time, are able to continue the same project with required improvements.

Please email any project related matters ONLY to bitpro@ucsc.cmb.ac.lk with mentioning your index number.

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