Students who successfully completed the project in 2018 can see the submission deadline of their final hard bound copy of the dissertation by login into (

They are required to submit the Hard Bound copy of your final dissertation and the CD to the Examination branch of the UCSC on or before the given deadline (Note that the Examination branch is closed on weekends). You need to upload the softcopy of the FINAL version (PDF file) to the VLE using the link given as “Final Dissertation Submission” before the same deadline. File name MUST be your index number.

Refer the section 3.5 and 3.6 at page 9 and 10 of the Project Guideline 2018 for the required format of the Dissertation and the CD. Note that student is totally responsible for the correctness of the final dissertation and the working condition of the CD. If any faults on the submitted dissertation and/or the CD are found, the results will be hold unless the required actions taken.

Contact the project coordinator through for any queries regarding the submission.

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