Basic Instructions

Carefully read the following instructions before starting the project.

  1. Make sure you have access to the project VLE. All the VLE login related issues MUST be sorted out before 25th March 2019. VLE login issues will NOT be considered as an excuse for missing deadlines under any circumstances. Contact only the for VLE related issues.
  2. Carefully read the Project Guidelines 2019 completely.DO NOT refer any other previous guidelines and sources, because they are no longer valid for the year 2019.
  3. Find a good, experienced supervisor, who have a good idea about the BIT project scope. Keep contact with him/her at least once per two weeks, till the end of the project. All your progress reports must be signed by the supervisor.
  4. Find a good, helpful and contactable client. Try to gather all possible requirements from the client at the early stage of the project and try to get their feedback during the project. You must submit the client agreement form at the beginning of the project and the client certificate at the end of the project. So always keep a good relationship with the client. You are not allowed to change your client after the deadline of 3rd progress report, 28th May 2019.
  5. Make the project proposal using the template given in the project VLE. Make sure the scope of the project is enough for a BIT final year project. More details are given in the Project Guidelines 2019. Upload the PDF version of the proposal to the VLE before 1st April 2019.
  6. Spend sufficient amount of time every week for the project and try submitting all the progress reports timely. Progress reports are to monitor your progress.
  7. Interim report is a critical milestone. If you are failed to submit the interim report timely, you will be disqualified to continue to the project in this year. If so, you have to register again for the project at the next academic year. On the other hand, if you manage to
    submit the interim report successfully, you are considered as a valid candidate for the project in year 2019. You cannot drop the project after this point. Your effort will be considered as a valid attempt, though you did not submit the final dissertation or/and did not attend/qualify to the final project viva. Deadline for the interim report submission is 8th July 2019.
  8. Read the chapter 5 of the Project Guidelines 2019 again and prepare your final dissertation. Complete the first draft at least 2 weeks before the deadline and then fill the self-evaluation form (can find in the VLE). Improve the dissertation by addressing the weaknesses you identified through the self-evaluation form and re-fill another evaluation form. Repeat this until you satisfied with the quality of your dissertation and the attached the PDF version for the final self-evaluation form to your final dissertation as the last page. Deadline for the final dissertation submission is 21st October 2019. Failure of submitting the final dissertation before this deadline will disqualify you for the final viva.
  9. Add real data as much as you can and test your final system before coming to the viva. Plan the demonstration by creating the memoizable user logins and passwords. Exact date for your viva examination will be announced before the end of November.
  10. If you are successful on all the parts of the project evaluation, you will be asked to submit the hard-bound copy of your final (and improved) dissertation. You MUST attach the original declaration form which you and your supervisor singed and the original client certificate to the hardbound copy, in appropriate places.
  11. All VLE uploads MUST be PDF files. File name should be your index number. You are strongly advised to not to wait till the last minute to upload the documents, because unexpected network errors may occur. No excuses will be entertained under any circumstances.
  12. Remember that, if a student had obtained unauthorized assistance to carry out the software development project which must be an individual work of the relevant student, it will be considered as an examination offense.

Direct all the project related matters ONLY to
Good luck!
BIT Project Coordinator

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