Students who are eligible to continue the project in 2019 (according to the revised list published on 25th Nov 2019) need to submit the softcopy (ONLY the PDF version) of the final project dissertation along with the duly filled self-evaluation form to the project VLE on or before 2nd Dec 2019.

We strongly advise students to completely read and refer to chapter 5 of the project guidelines 2019 to prepare your final dissertation. Convert your final project dissertation into the pdf format and rename the file to your index number before uploading it to the VLE.

Follow the following steps to upload the self-evaluation form:

  1. Download the self-evaluation form from the VLE.
  2. Get a printout of the form
  3. Evaluate your own dissertation according to the evaluation form
  4. Calculate the total marks and mentioned it in the relent place.
  5. Write your name and sign in the mark sheet.
  6. Scan your mark sheet and convert it into a PDF file. It should be clear enough to print.
  7. Rename your PDF file to your index number.
  8. Upload the self-evolution form to the given link separately.

Note that submitting the self-evaluation form is MANDATORY. The purpose of the self-evaluation form is to guide you to submit a better project dissertation. your self-evaluation sheet will be referred by the examiners at the final dissertation evaluation, but your marks will NOT be considered for the final dissertation grade.

Students are strongly advised to upload both the files well before the deadline. Students should NOT wait till the last minute to upload files because network breakdowns, connection issues may occur last minute due to heavy traffic. Requests to extend the deadline or accept the late submissions will NOT be entertained under any circumstances. So please do not send emails after the deadline regarding this matter.

Candidates who failed to submit the completed project dissertation with duly filled self-evaluation form or who submit incomplete dissertations to the VLE at the given deadline will NOT be qualified for facing the final viva examination within this year, and hence will get a fail grade for the project.

Email any issues or queries regarding the dissertation submittion to the

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