Following students are eligible to continue the Final Year Software Development Project (IT6105) for the year 2019. All the eligible students MUST have submitted the Client and Supervisor agreement forms and the project details to the Project VLE. Therefore the students who have not submitted those documents and the project details are required to upload them to the VLE on or before 30th November 2019.

Students who have already submitted those, but have changed their client or/and supervisor or project titles also should update their new project details before the said deadline. Note that students who failed to submit/update those documents and the project details to the VLE before the said deadline will be disqualified to continue the project in 2019.

Students are strongly advised to NOT to wait till last minute to upload these documents, because VLE response time may vary due to heavy access. No excuses are acceptable under any circumstances.

If you have any issues, contact project coordinator via

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