1. Online Application Form (available at should be filled only in the English medium using BLOCK CAPITAL LETTERS.
  2. Full Name must be given as it is appeared in the Birth Certificate. (If the name in the Birth Certificate is different than the name which is in use, necessary amendments should be made in the Birth Certificate prior to get the registration)
  3. Please provide your permanent address, contact telephone number and email address to enable the External Degrees Centre (EDC) of the UCSC to communicate with you in future activities. Any changes of those contacts should be duly notified in writing to the Assistant Registrar/EDC of the UCSC.
  4. You should indicate your educational qualifications and examination results accurately and clearly.
  5. You should complete all the entry requirement on or before the application closing date. Candidates who are applying on pending results category (those who have sat for the GCE O/L in year 2019) should submit the results before the calling of applications for the exams of semester 1.
  6. Application Fee of Rs. 1,500.00 (for Sri Lankans) or 4,500.00 (for foreign passport holders) must be made using either the bank payment or online payment method.

  1. Once the payment details are updated, verify the information entered in all fields and submit the online application.
  2. Then download the application form, print it and place your signature and insert the date at the appropriate place in the printed version of the on-line application form.
  3. The signature of the applicant, should be attested (Signed and Stamped) by any one of the following persons: Head or Retired Head of a Government/Director Managed approved school, Grama Niladhari of the Division, Justice of Peace, Commissioner of Oaths, Attorney at Law, Notary Public, Commissioned Officer of the armed forces, Staff Officer of Govt. / Corporation, the Chief Incumbent of a Buddhist Vihara, A religious Dignitary of standing of any other religion.
  4. The printed version must be submitted to the below address along with the certified copies (A4 size) of the following documents.
    1. National ID Card (compulsory for local students)
    2. Passport (compulsory for foreign students)
    3. Birth Certificate
    4. A/L Certificate (Local Syllabus)
    5. O/L Certificate(s)
    6. FIT Certificate (if applicable)
    7. Affidavit (in case the name appearing in the educational certificates are different than that in the Birth Certificate)
    8. Marriage certificate (in case the surname has been changed after marriage)
    9. Paying voucher- EDC copy (for candidates who paid via bank payment)
  5. All applications should be sent via registered post or hand delivered to:

Assistant Registrar,

External Degrees Centre,

University of Colombo School of Computing,

No.35, Reid Avenue,

Colombo 00700,

  1. Application closing date will be 31st of DECEMBER 2019. All the applications must reach EDC on or before the given deadline. Please state “BIT Application – 2020” in the top left corner of the envelope containing the application form. 
  2. UCSC will not entertain any complaints on applications which are lost in the mail or delayed in the mail. Late applications will not be considered under any circumstance.
  3. Applications received after the closing date/ incomplete application/ applications not in conformity with the above requirements will be rejected. APPLICATION FEE WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.
  4. Internal Undergraduates of the state universities are also eligible to apply for this program.
  5. For further information, please contact: Assistant Registrar, External Degrees Centre, University of Colombo School of Computing, No.35, Reid Avenue, Colombo 00700


Online Application Form

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