Interview Schedule for BIT New Registration – 05-02-2020 & 07-02-2020

February  03, 2020 Registration Interview Schedule list DOCUMENTS TO BE SUBMITTED AT THE INTERVIEW FOR THE PROVISIONAL REGISTRATION OF THE BIT EXTERNAL DEGREE- 2020 Please read this carefully before you come to Registration for the BIT (External Degree Programme) CHECK LIST OF DOCUMENTS TO BE BROUGHT FOR REGISTRATION Originals of the following: National ID card (for […]

Project Evaluation Schedule on 09th February 2020 (Medical List)

The project evaluation of the following students (who submitted medicals for the year 2019 and paid the medical fee) will be held on 9th February 2020 at the UCSC. Evaluation is in two stages. In the first stage, the students will come ONLY for the Viva and Code evaluation. Please note that you MUST bring […]