BIT is the Bachelor of Information Technology Degree programme introduced by the University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC), in 2000. The UCSC conducts examinations leading to the first-ever External Degree in InformationTechnology (IT) in Sri Lanka. The degree is awarded by the University of Colombo.

BIT Programme is designed to:

  • Produce qualified IT professionals through external mode in addition to the internal degree programs.
  • Set professional standards for Information Technology degree programs concerning the IT industry requirements.
  • Facilitate those who could not register for an IT degree in a public university as an alternative/additional academic qualification.
  • Provide an opportunity to those who are working in IT to obtain a formal qualification in IT through self- study.

This degree programme has been redesigned according to ACM guidelines and Policy Framework for External and Extension programmes declared by the University Grants Commission. UCSC provides well-defined detailed syllabi that would help to lay a solid foundation on which, a student can build his career in IT. The syllabi will be constantly updated to meet the industry requirements.

In the year 2003 e-learning was introduced to the BIT degree program, addition to the recommended textbooks and other learning materials. The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)/Learning Management System (LMS) is the online portal to access learning courses of BIT degree. VLE assists the students in learning through self-evaluating quizzes, learning material and activities. Further support is provided to BIT students through online video content.

The minimum duration of the BIT degree programme will be 3 academic years as given below. (download the BIT  handbook for details)

  • Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) will be awarded to a candidate who has obtained a pass or a minimum C grade for each course and passed all the continuous assessments as specified in the course structure in the First Year.
  • Higher Diploma in Information Technology (HDIT) will be awarded to a candidate who has obtained a pass or a minimum C grade for each course and passed all the continuous assessments as specified in the course structure in the Second Year and has obtained the Diploma in Information Technology.
  • Degree Certificate (BIT) will be awarded on successful completion of year 1, year 2 and year 3 examinations and fulfillment of other requirements as specified in the course structure 
  • Several other awards will be made at the BIT convocation/Diploma/Higher Diploma awards ceremony for the best performers of the degree programme.


The Degree Path of BIT


Past Statistics of Diploma/ Higher Diploma & Degree Awardees (from 2000-2016) 

1st Year (DIT) 2nd Year (HDIT) 3rd Year (BIT)
2000/01 171
2001/02 2999 70
2002/03 596 148 63
2003/04 572 353 113
2004/05 259 164 103
2005/06 346 154 115
2006/07 532 128 108
2007/08 613 386 138
2008/09 438 310 161
2009/10 366 199 140
2010/11 581 309 129
2011/12 659 262 172
2012/13 618 305 194
2013/14 523 339 225
2014/15 379 227 262
2016 403 151
Total 7355 3505 2140

For more details, visit the FAQ page.


Authorities Concerned with the BIT Degree Programme offered by the University of Colombo are listed below.

  • Board of Study of the UCSC for External & Extension programmes
  • The Academic Syndicate of the UCSC
  • The Board of Management of the UCSC
  • Exam Offences Committee of the University of Colombo
  • The Senate of the University of Colombo
  • The Council of the University of Colombo

Job opportunities

The 21st Century would be dominated by ICT and there is a growing need for IT professionals. This, together with the critical shortage of IT professionals today, has been translated into opportunities for those who are in IT as well as those who are interested in entering the field. Software Development & ICT Services is one sector where Sri Lanka can do well and have highly satisfactory economic returns, which in turn will benefit the national economy. In this context, BIT degree program provides the opportunity to obtain an academic qualification in Information Technology.

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