Taking into consideration the job opportunities that exist for ICT graduates in Sri Lanka & overseas, the University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC),  formerly Institute of Computer Technology, took the initiative to launch the External Degree programme in 2000 and the degree is awarded by the University of Colombo. The University of Colombo (UoC) is Sri Lanka’s defining University and has a proud tradition of academic and research excellence. In 2017, UoC celebrated 50 years of Computing recalling its achievements and reflecting on the founding years.

The UCSC has the most advanced training resources and experience in Sri Lanka in the field of ICT education and is the FIRST to offer the External Degree in IT in Sri Lanka. The expertise of more than 29 Ph.D., 04 MPhil, 03 MSc drawn from the University of Colombo, other Sri Lankan and Foreign Universities and the ICT industry are associated with the programme, which makes the BIT a FIRST in Sri Lanka to benefit from such expertise. More than 50 training institutes spread over the country currently offer training programmes for the BIT degree in 2017.

The External Degree Centre (EDC) and the e-Learning Centre (eLC) provide their services mainly to all BIT students. For all BIT students, a collection of recommended textbooks are available with several public libraries and a collection of past dissertations are available at the BIT office.

In the year 2003, e-learning was introduced to the BIT students through a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). This was possible through the assistance given by SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency). The e-BIT programme has received international recognition owing to its innovative use of ICT to become the premier ‘open’ and affordable IT degree programme in Sri Lanka.

Over 37,000 candidates have enrolled for the BIT programme since its inception in the year 2000 and the 18th consecutive Academic year is about to commence. Statistics of Diploma/ Higher Diploma & Degree Awardees

The UCSC expresses its gratitude and appreciation for the enormous service rendered by late Prof. V K Samaranayake,  the Founding Director of UCSC and late Prof. G N  Wikramanayake, Former Director of UCSC for the enhancement of the BIT degree programme.