The e-BIT programme of the UCSC won a Certificate of Commendation in the Education Planner and Administrator Category of the UNESCO ICT in Education Innovation Awards 2007-2008 and awards at NBQSA and e-Swabhimani.

The UCSC was chosen for this award owing to its innovative use of ICT to scale the output of ICT Professionals much needed by the industry. The e-BIT was designed to optimize the use of ICT for communication, registration, delivery of the curricular content, and examination through its website and associated Virtual Learning Environment. Today, it has become the student portal through which one can learn online, seeks assistance from facilitators, and communicates with peers in addition to obtaining examination support material and retrieving results.   For this reason, the BIT programme has become the premier ‘open’ and affordable IT degree programme in Sri Lanka.

The success of the e-BIT can be attributed to the efforts of the e-Learning   Centre of the UCSC through its research and development (R&D) activities. The curriculum was completely revamped taking into account a new online pedagogy based on a user-centric but collaborative learning model and the constructive alignment paradigm of learning. R&D work in setting up an appropriate Virtual Learning Environment resulted in the adoption and adaptation of the open source Moodle framework which was customized and localized to form Vidupiyasa – UCSC’s “Virtual Campus”.   SCORM compatible online learning lessons were developed based on the redesigned curriculum, with Video lectures distributed using a local TV channel, CDs, and the online portal. An e-Assessment system for formative as well as some summative testing has also been developed and deployed.