Registration Number

The registration number will be given to the students at the registration and a BIT Identity Card will also be issued. All inquiries regarding any matter pertaining to the BIT degree programme must be accompanied by this registration number. In case you are unable to obtain registration this year, either due to a personal reason or the inability of acquiring the necessary qualifications, the UCSC authorities will allow you to defer the registration to the next academic year on a written request made with a payment of a Deferment fee.


The BIT Identity Card remains as a property of the student until such time; the student obtains the Degree of Bachelor of Information Technology. Thereafter, the student should return it to the External Degree Centre (EDC) of UCSC. If the BIT Identity Card is lost, a duplicate will be issued on payment.  For payments refer (Section 8).  An affidavit should be produced to obtain the duplicate. Students will not be allowed to sit for an examination without a valid BIT Identity Card.

Cancellation of Registration

Any student at his/ her request may obtain cancellation of his student registration. In such an event the UCSC will retain 25% of the registration fee provided a written request will be made within 30 days from the closing date of registration. Otherwise, no refund is made. No requests for cancellation will be entertained from students awaiting the results of an examination or pending disciplinary action in respect of any examination malpractice. If a registration is canceled, the BIT ID card is necessary to hand over to the UCSC.

Renewal of Registration

All students are required to renew their registration within a prescribed period after the release of results of Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 examinations. Renewal process is done online and the generated payment voucher should be used to make the payment. No other mode of payment will be accepted. Already registered students need to renew their registrations before the 31st of December unless their registration depends on the release of results.  Students will inform whether they have to be registered/re-registered for the next academic year depending on their examination results. A student has no right to claim to sit any examination after the expiry of the period of registration. Hence a student whose registration has lapsed must apply to the EDC for renewal of registration. To access online material and to take part in online assessments, the renewal of registration must be done before 31st December.

If a student who is already registered for the BIT programme, and wishes to postpone his/her registration, he/she will have to inform the EDC in advance by a letter. Such students will have to pay 50% of the intervening years’ registration fees plus the registration fee for the year being renewed. This option is given only once for the entire degree period. If not informed, such students have to pay the full fee for all the years, up to a maximum Rs. 5,000/=.

The students should complete an academic year (First or Second or Third) within five years. If a student fails to do so, he/ she should be registered as a new student. However, due to administrative issues, UCSC may take different decisions about the registration process and you are required to contact the external degree center to find more details.