Notices calling the applications for the Diploma in IT of the BIT degree programme will be published in the press and the BIT website annually. In accordance with such notices, prescribed application forms should be completed online from the  BIT website and forwarded to the External Degrees Centre (EDC) of the UCSC with payment of appropriate fees as described Fees & Payment Methods.

The selected students will be informed to be registered for the Year 1 of the BIT degree programme. Initially, students will be granted only a provisional registration. Formal registration would be given only after the qualifications (e.g. Advance Level, Ordinary Level and other) are verified (e.g. by Examinations Division of the UCSC) or other equivalent qualifications are accepted by the University Authorities. Registration is valid for a period of one academic year. The students have to pay the registration fee annually to keep their registration valid and sit for examinations.

The registration of a student is canceled if he/she is not registered for 3 consecutive academic years. This rule will be effective irrespective of the year of registration from 2019 onwards. The maximum period a student can attempt an evaluation in each year of study (first, second or third year) shall not exceed five (5) consecutive years from the initial registration of a particular year of study. If a student fails to do so, he/ she should be registered as a new student.

More details are described in the Bylaws and Regulations.