The VLE for BIT is maintained by the e-Learning Centre (eLC: of UCSC. The main goal of the e-Learning Centre is to facilitate the digital transformation of the teaching-learning process by integrating e-learning practices. The center provides necessary support in developing interactive e-learning content and training.

E-facilitation service is provided by the e-Learning Centre to support the BIT students for their learning through the VLE. Students can post any requests/matters related to the online resources in the relevant discussion forums, available in the BIT VLE courses. E-facilitators will provide necessary guidance by replying to the posts. Students can also send private-message such requests to the e-facilitators via the VLE.

If there is an issue with accessing the VLE, you should contact the VLE Administrator via an email to, clearly indicating your registration number, the National Identity Card (NIC) number, and the request.

If you want to directly contact the coordinator of e-learning Centre, you can send an email to Students can contact the e-Learning Centre through +94-11-2591080 during working hours on weekdays. It is recommended to send your request/complaint by sending an email to relevant personnel rather than contacting over the phone unless it is an urgent matter.