(Applicable from 2018 onwards)

Online assignments of all year 1 and year 2 courses

Please note that the “online assignments” of each course in the VLE will be marked differently from 2018 onwards. According to the new criteria, you will have to obtain at least 40 marks from each assignment in a course (i.e. assignment 1 AND assignment 2 of a particular course) to pass the online assignment component of that course.  Successful completion of this online assignment component is required to get the Diploma/Higher Diploma at the end of the year.  Therefore, you MUST get at least 40% from the assignment 1 AND at least 40% from assignment 2 to successfully PASS the online assignments of a course.

Online assessments of all enhancement courses (semester 1, 5 and 6)

From 2018 onwards, there will be a change in the way the practical exams are conducted for enhancement courses. You will now have to complete an “online assessment” (apart from the online assignments already conducted in the year 1 VLE courses) for all the enhancement courses conducted in semester 1, 5 and 6.

You will get 2 weeks and only 1 attempt to complete this online assessment on or before the given deadline.  Deadlines will be published as “Announcements” in the BIT and VLE websites.

Please note that in order to pass the enhancement courses (a degree requirement), you will need to pass this online assessment AND the written exam paper. When you apply and pay for the examinations of the enhancement courses you will be eligible to take the online assessments. Please note that ONLY those who apply and pay for the enhancement course exams are allowed to take the online assessments soon after the exams.

If you do not pass any one of the components (online assessment OR the written exam paper) of the enhancement course examination, you will receive a FAIL grade for that particular course and you will have to take the online assessment AND the written paper again to pass the course successfully. Marks of any of these components will not be carried for the next year.

If you have any queries regarding this criteria, please post a message in the “Online Examination discussion” forum of the relevant online course in the VLE (vle.bit.lk).

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